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The Boeing Company

One hundred years of flight

While the first powered flights were measured in feet, and were over in a matter of seconds,
modern aircraft can now carry 500 people at a time all around the planet in the lap of luxury.
Having celebrated its centenary in 2017, Boeing has helped to shape air travel, from flying boats
to supersonic jets.


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The future of flight

After four decades of innovation, Airbus is looking ahead to the next 40 years – working
with other industry stakeholders to anticipate the needs of a better-connected and more
sustainable world

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Lockheed Martin


Redesigning flight


Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company engaged in the research,
design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology
systems, including missiles, rockets, space vehicles and communications systems. It is the
suite of military aircraft, however, that captures the imagination, and none more so than
the latest jet, the ultimate fighter, the F-35.


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One company


Leonardo is the culmination of a deep process of renewal that has turned the Finmeccanica Group from
a financial holding company to a single, integrated industrial entity, to ensure better governance of
industrial processes and stronger relationships with customers and suppliers.


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A growing family


With a series significant achievements, 2016 proved to be a tremendous year of growth for Airbus. 

We do our best to keep pace with family affairs.

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The Evolution of Mobility

Bombardier is one of the world’s leading aircraft and rail manufacturers. Delivering today while looking ahead at tomorrow, Bombardier is evolving mobility worldwide by answering the call for more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable transportation everywhere. 

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Lockheed Martin


Engineering a Better Tomorrow


Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta, two distinguished companies with origins over 100 years ago, combined in March 1995 in “a merger of equals” to form Lockheed Martin, now one of the world’s major aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies companies. 


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